The Miracle of Covered Calls...

Hi, my name is Joseph Hooper and it is my pleasure to welcome you to Compound Stock Earnings.

Compound Stock Earnings was founded in 1999 due to a genuine need to educate the ordinary investor about the merits of Covered Calls.

When applied correctly, the Covered Call technique allows the generation of consistent monthly income from a stock investment.

"Our clients consistently generate 3 - 6% per month cash income from a stock portfolio regardless of market direction."

If you are willing to learn a safe, conservative
and very effective method to manage you
own money then you have come to the
right place.

Joseph Hooper
CSE Founder


Do you make 40% on your investments per year- even during the worst recession since the great depression? Our clients do…

Stop making 3% to 6% per year and start making
3% to 6% PER MONTH. Our clients do….

Would you like to know how to…..

  • Create 3 – 6% per month cash flow regardless of whether the market goes up, down or even sideways
  • Utilize the power of compounding which can turn a $10,000 investment into $3,500,000 in ten years
  • Apply a rule-based strategy that takes speculation and gambling out of your investment plan
  • Implement the strategy in 20 to 30 minutes per day either during market hours or after market hours
  • Produce far greater income than mutual funds?

"Over 70% of our clients come from client
referrals. You don't get recommendations like
that unless your system makes people money."

Sound too good to be true?
Keep reading…

Are you happy with your investment results over the past 12 months? Let me guess…NO!

The truth is, if you were happy with your current results and secure in your financial future you wouldn't be reading this. If you aren't getting consistent monthly returns, than you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table each month.

If your current strategy is not giving you consistent predictable returns (in any market), you might as well go to Vegas and throw it down on red.

Think I'm kidding?!

The fact is most investors are ill informed at best and most commonly they are simply guessing based on bad advice from a stock broker or a rumor they heard on TV. In todays volatile economy, you cannot afford to be ill informed or "guess."

You need a strategy that works to consistently produce returns that you can count on.

Don't just take my word for it… anyone can make these claims...

But Not Just Anyone Can Show
You Proof Like We Can.

Check out these testimonials of current clients using our time tested and proven system...

Ken Malone
Irvine, California

" I've been with Compound Stock for about 2 years, it's been a wonderful product. I've been averaging about 4-4.5% a month.

In fact my wife, I got her in to it & I've been managing her account and she did 8% last month, she's ecstatic! Its been a wonderful product.

Carol Shoaff
San Jose, California

" I've been with CSE for about a year and half. My rate of return is usually between 4 to 5% per month. "

Mark Sormberger
Dallas, Texas

" With Compound Stock Earnings since I've been with them so far I've been averaging around 10.2% per month which is pretty good.

Last year as a matter of fact, I have taken my account and actually doubled its value in 12 months.

"But…I have a stock broker or a financial advisor... He knows what he's doing... right?"

As you can see in the picture above, the stock market has consistently gone up over the last 70 years. If that's true, then...

How can people still lose money in the market?!

Do you know financial advisors make money every
time they get you to trade? They get paid by
the trade EVEN when you lose money!

One of the main reasons is because stock brokers work on commission. They talk people into chasing trends. People end up buying at the top of the market and then selling in panic at the bottom.

People have been encouraged to trade this way by the financial community because that's how they make money - by getting you changing in and out of different stocks and in and out of different mutual funds.

High-risk / high-return options trading leads the
vast majority of speculators "to the slaughter."

We reveal how the option seller can
consistently profit from these losses.

The information you receive from your local stock broker is information no professional would dare follow. Remember in 2008 when Wall St. received a $700 Billion bail out financed by your tax dollars?

What was the reason for this bailout? It was because the financial industry (banks, brokerage firms etc) were so reckless and suffered such huge losses on their own investments, that they all became functionally bankrupt.

"The financial industry, those giving
YOU advice, went bankrupt due to
their OWN risky investments!"

And your money bailed them out!!! If your investments and being handled by a stock broker, financial advisor or are mutual funds... You are trusting your financial future to an industry that is a proven loser.

If you are not making 3% to 6% each month CONSISTENTLY with your current strategy…


Stop following a failed strategy of putting your finances in the hands of advisors who earn you low or no returns.

Stop gambling on your own by investing without a proven strategy. It's time to take back control.

It is time to defy conventional wisdom. There is a better way to build wealth or generate retirement income, regardless of market direction.

Stop listening to broker's scare tactics & TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN MONEY TODAY!

Keener White
Irving, Texas

" With this system you have no problem going to bed at night because you dont worry about what's going to happen.

The stock goes up or the stock goes down, you're going to make money, either way.

Don Manlove
Ft. Smith, Arkansas

" Dealing with Compound Stock Earnings and covered calls has allowed me to retire comfortably. Approximately 3 years sooner than I would have otherwise. "

"What separates our Covered Call Technique from the rest of the pack…?"

Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
and the highest selling personal finance author
of all time wrote the foreward to our book.

Here is what Mr. Robert Kiyosaki himself had to say about our strategies:

"A brilliant book… One that makes investing for
cash flow simple… This is not about an asset
class, but more about a class of investor that
likes to WIN, not gamble."

-Robert Kiyosaki
Author of Besteseller 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' - 28 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

In today's volatile economy you can't afford to play with risky investment strategies that are glorified gambling. You need consistent returns regardless of market direction.

If you are an investor looking for an alternative to the "buy, hold and pray" method, we want to introduce you to an approach fine tuned over the last 20 years...

That will change the way you think about investing... forever.

Conventional trading, as you probably know, is very much a risky proposition.

We liken it to gambling in Vegas, because the house almost always wins. If you found this web site, than you have worked too hard for your money and you are too intelligent to play a game that is stacked against you.

If you are reading this, you are also smart enough to know that to build wealth you must have your money work for you.

"Low yield mutual funds and CD's are sure fire ways to avoid building wealth."

Sure, you may not be losing money, but they are not helping you retire anytime sooner or explode your net worth. If you want to truly build wealth, you must take advantage of compound interest by using your stocks as an income generating asset.

That is what we will teach you.

In fact we are so confident that we are currently offering new clients a chance to attend our 2-Day Advanced Charting Seminar completely FREE of charge. (Normally $3500!)


Unconventional strategies, like those we have developed, put you in a situation where you are never gambling and you WILL build wealth, like thousands of our clients have done.

It is a repeatable, learnable system that an expert or a beginner can quickly implement...

…And we hold your hand through
the ENTIRE process.

In traditional investing you basically throw money at a stock and hope and pray it goes up. If the stock does not go up in value, then you sell the stock for a loss and try again.

With traditional investing there is no sound strategy or control. The scariest part about this strategy, is that you are a slave to the inevitable ups and downs of the market.

You are constantly stressed about the market and to a large degree relying on "luck." How scary is that??

Do YOU want to leave YOUR retirement up to LUCK??

One of the absolute best features of our technique…besides the unprecedented 3% to 6% cash flow each month, is that it does not make any difference what the market is doing.


Our strategy is not based on if the market goes up or down. This separates us from any other kind of investing out there.

With our technique you won't lose anymore sleep worrying about the volatility of the stock market.

Bill Howe
Boston, Massachusetts

" I've been trading for over 15 years now, learned and trained by some of the best managers and investment traders in the world today. I think as I look at Joe and Aaron at CSE, the methodology that they use here is something that I think is very unique and is unparalleled in the trading industry today. "

Sabrina Menck
North Richland Hills, Texas

" What I like most about the CSE Method is that the stock doesn't have to go up for you to make money. Getting involved with CSE has completely changed our financial future already in just 2 1/2 months because we pulled all of our IRA's out of the funds that they were in and we have put them in self-directed funds. We are investing them using the CSE methods. "

"Oh…and since our system is based on sound strategy and time tested repeatable methods… You won't be relying on 'luck'."

Writing Covered Calls is the safest way to invest for income and growth in the market today.

Selling covered calls makes you money two ways:

1. If the stock goes up, you sell at a profit.

2. If the stock goes down, you keep the premium and simply sell another covered call against the position month after month to keep making your cash returns.

With our system you have management and control over your assets, just like you would manage a business or a piece of real estate.

You can control this asset that produces a consistent income.

It is worth repeating….with our management techniques we make money in literally any market trend.

This is why our clients made 40% or more on average (Want Proof? Click Here) last year in one of the worst markets in history!

You won't find numbers with our level of consistency anywhere else.
Want more proof?

Tim Wilems
Ft. Smith, Arkansas

" It doesnt really make any difference to me what the market is doing because I'm going to make money regardless of the direction the market moves. So if it's going up that's great, if it goes down I'm still going to make money."

Tony Garza
Dallas, Texas

" Were in our tenth month of using Joe's and Aaron's techniques. The first 4 months we averaged about 4.7%, and we are up above 5% average now. "

George Veneziano
Ormond Beach, Florida

" Covered calls is a non-speculative option for me. Meaning that, I know that if I make an investment in stock, and I get a good quality stock, I do know the stock will go up and down. However, as soon as I write that covered call, I'm generating income.

I'm also reducing my cost basis when I do that, and by doing this it reduces my risk.

"How can our covered calls system
work in any market?"

With the traditional trading approach, you buy stock and that stock is supposed to go up in value.

We don't teach that. What we teach is for you to buy a good stock, keep that stock like rental property, sell covered calls against it for income and for the compounding interest so you can make that money grow….and grow fast.

Our strategy has quietly been used by professionals for decades, but only recently the general public has started taking advantage of this selling covered calls strategy.

"The reason why more people aren't doing this is simply a lack of education. Interestingly, you can only start doing this as a retail investor in 1999 to 2000 which was when retail investors really got access to do covered calls themselves.

The two catalysts were:

1) the internet and
2 ) lowering of brokerage commissions.

So the Internet came around and brought brokerage commissions right down to the point where private investors with a smaller amount of money can do this."

- Aaron Zalewski
(co-founder of CSE and co-author of the best seller "Covered Calls and LEAPS)

This is a crucial distinction. We are not buying a stock with the hope that it goes up. We are buying a stock and renting it out for that 3% to 6% per month cash flow...

...Regardless of which way the
stock market goes!

This is because the cash flow is what is going to grow your money. The cash flow we can get consistently, regardless of what the market does. We can't pick the direction of the market, because we are not in control of that.

But the cash flow we can control. And the only way you can consistently generate cash flow with your investments is through our covered call technique. Here's an example for illustration…..

If you invested just $10,000 at 5% a month... it would grow to $3,489,120 in 10 years!!

That is an incredible return on such a small investment.

What's remarkable about our system, is this type of return would not require the stock to go up even one penny.

If you already have stocks and you are not using
our covered call writing technique, you are leaving
large amounts of money on the table.

We treat stocks like rental property . You can own the stock forever and rent it out forever to produce 3 – 6% per month for compounding an account or to provide income for living expenses. Did you know that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange estimates that 60 - 80% of all options held through expiration will expire worthless?

When an option contract expires
worthless that money goes into the
pocket of the covered call seller!

In today's financial markets, that's better odds than you're going to get anywhere. As a result, many investors are turning to option selling as a high probability strategy for generating high income and large returns, regardless of outright market direction.

The problem is, most investors don't know enough about the strategy or how to implement it to make it a viable alternative. Now you will.

*Use the income to compound your portfolio's growth to achieve remarkable long term returns. $10,000 at 5% per month, turns into $3,500,000 in ten years!

*We provide the best covered call strategies necessary for anyone to start producing wealth immediately. *Our approach is very simple and very straight forward.

*With our system you will likely spend 15 to 30 minutes per day to manage your account

*How to generate a second income each and every month

*A step by step walk through of how to use our system.


Any skill level can make money if
you simply follow our steps, just
like Robert & Bryan below...

Robert Bishop, Jr.
Van Alstyne, Texas

" Unlike gambling or speculating, when you sell a covered call the cash is in your account instantly! You don't have to wait a second, it's there, instantly. "

Bryan Martin
Plano, Texas

" Now I can generate a 5% return a month instead of a year! Cash money! "

"Want even more proof this works? We are so confident, we'll give you a FREE live online seminar Valued at $3,500!"

We are so confident in our system we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

You are invited to watch and listen to a Live 2-Day Seminar for free (normally costs $3,500) where you can learn more and even ask questions to us live while we are presenting in Dallas.

You won't find this kind of offer from our competition, or anyone in the financial industry for that matter.

Take two days of your time, see the professionalism of our seminars and hear the successes of our clients.

Is it time for you to start making
3 - 6% per month in any market?

Sign up below for FREE and find out how you can!

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